comments from researchers

Findings logo gained an international reputation among researchers and an enthusiastic following among UK practitioners. Readers value the unique focus on how to maximise the benefits for their clients, patients and communities, and the combination of analytic quality allied with practicality and readability. Below some of the compliments paid to the project. Full list of comments also available plus results of the latest site user survey.

comments from practitioners

"Just the sort of thing our treatment centres need to help them improve their services by taking account of the latest research."
Simon Shepherd Chief Executive Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals

"Weighty papers, huge studies and complex themes are not only beautifully distilled but also linked to others on the same theme and put in to context." Dr Laurence Gruer Director of Public Health Science Health Scotland

"By far the most useful and readable publication in the field." Dr Luke Mitcheson Consultant Clinical Psychologist S. London and Maudsley NHS Trust

"Findings is a GREAT mag and often of great use to us. The serendipity of seeing the paper just at the time it was so useful was magic."
Russ Hayton Clinical and Service Governance Manager Plymouth Drug and Alcohol Action Team

"Findings is excellent and heavily influenced our new policy." Nick Royle Drug Strategy Coordinator Scottish Prison Service

"Really does bridge the gap between research and practice. excellent, authoritative and succinct."
Andrew Bennett Director HIT

"A tremendous help to those of us who can be described as 'overworked, underpaid and over-monitored'. Also nice to read and to look at."
Nick Tegerdine Executive Director Alcohol Problems Advisory Service

"We need something like this for the USA! I really like the compact text and the breakout Nuggets and the clarity. Now this is the kind of thing field practitioners can actually use."
Dr Charles Vaughan Therapist, Dual Diagnosis Specialist, Tulsa C.A.R.E.S., USA

"Great writing and superb summarising and pulling things together: it is a vital art, and you are a real master at it." Professor Richard Velleman Director Mental Health Unit University of Bath

"The DATOS team is grateful for the thorough and well-balanced review of our research. Such a comprehensive and integrative commentary on this type of complex project is rare."
Professor D. Dwayne Simpson DATOS Collaborator and Director Institute of Behavioral Research Texas Christian University

"I was very impressed with the thoroughness of your review of studies of the Strengthening Families Program. No one has ever done that so well before." Professor Karol Kumpfer University of Utah and originator of the Strengthening Families Program

"I don't think I have ever seen so much useful and well integrated information in one place. I just started at the front and couldn't put [it] down."
Professor A. Thomas McLellan Director Treatment Research Institute and Editor in Chief Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment

"Not only an honest and fair representation of the trial, but also a creative and clinically meaningful way to communicate its implications ... some rather insightful interpretations ... an excellent article." Professor Thomas Babor Principal Investigator Project MATCH and Head of the Department of Community Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine

"Excellent! You wrote beautifully, and above all, you touched the soul of my work. Thank you!"
Dr Zhiwei Zhang NORC University of Chicago