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New online treatment evidence course starts next week
On 1 June we begin a fully updated course on alcohol treatment research in the form of a fortnightly, cell-by-cell ‘bite-size’ introduction to the Alcohol Treatment Matrix.

Horizontally the matrix segments treatment research by delivery context, broadening out from the intervention itself to the practitioner, organisation and whole treatment systems. Vertically the rows relate to different types of interventions from screening and brief advice through medical and psychosocial treatment to treatment in a criminal justice context. The result is 25 cells in a 5x5 matrix.

Each cell offers access to the most important seminal and key research, reviews and guidance, explained by an introductory ‘bite’ which ends with issues for reflection and discussion to promote your individual professional or service workforce development. Cells and bites are now being updated and released fortnightly from 1 June 2016, starting with alcohol brief interventions and treatment.

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Reactions to matrices and courses
The matrices were released in June 2013 and the first bites course started in October 2013. From Britain and overseas there has been appreciation for the “awesome”, “brilliant”, “authoritative” matrices and the first iteration of the matrix bites courses. Sample comments below; more here.
“I remain astonished at your ability to integrate broad swathes of science in such an intelligent and concise fashion ... this field would have very little impact without translators such as yourself.”
Professor Keith Humphreys, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, USA

“I’ve been working in the drugs field for over 30 years but I am finding the concise, clear and authoritative Matrix Bites course invaluable for refreshing my knowledge and thinking, and bringing me new insights.”
Steve Taylor, Programme Manager in the Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Division of Public Health England

Alcohol matrix Drug matrix About
The Alcohol and Drug Treatment Matrices: core research selected and explored
Alcohol matrix for alcohol brief interventions and treatment
Drug matrix for harm reduction and treatment in relation to illegal drugs
About the development and construction of the matrices

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