Use this free text search facility to find documents whose text contains In the title, brief description, keywords, main text or extended text. References are excluded from the search.
the words Spell carefully using UK English. If you do not find what you want try in the ANY box entering alternative terms. Ending a word with an * is the same as entering all the words which start with those letters, eg, therap* will find (or exclude) documents which contain either the words therapy or therapies or therapeutic.

Normally the words you enter could be scattered throughout the document. This means for example that entering the term 'therapeutic community' will find documents containing the terms 'therapeutic' and 'community', many of which will not actually contain the term 'therapeutic community'. In order to avoid this, the following phrases are automatically converted to a single term: 'hepatitis B', 'hepatitis C', 'mutual aid' (use for self-help groups), 'quality of life', 'brief intervention', 'brief interventions', 'youth work', 'community reinforcement approach', 'health education', 'age limit', 'therapeutic community', 'therapeutic communities', 'harm reduction', 'needle exchange', 'syringe exchange', 'safer consumption room', 'infection risk behaviour', 'population health', 'medical management', 'needs assessment', 'quality control'.
you enter.

● Searching for ANY of the words retrieves documents which contain at least one of the words but not necessarily all of them.

● Searching for ALL of the words only retrieves documents which contain all the words.

● Either of the above can be refined by combining them with the NONE option to exclude documents which contain certain words. Only use this option with one of the other two.

Choose whether to retrieve all documents or only those about the UK then press SEARCH to replace this page with a list of retrieved documents. In the list click the blue titles to view full text. This type of search depends on whether the terms you use exactly match the document. You can instead do a subject search for documents related to broad themes or specific topics within those themes. Tried everything and still no luck? E-mail the Findings editor for help by clicking on this logo Ask the Findings editor for help

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