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Back-catalogue of current and/or traditionally 'hot' topics which arouse debate and comment due to their importance and sometimes also due to significant differences of opinion over the facts or over their interpretation. Click blue titles to open each topic in a new window or tab. The current selection of hot topics is updated every three months.

Time for safer injecting spaces in Britain?

Should we offer prizes for not using drugs?

Measuring alcohol-related harm; politics and science

Promoting recovery through employment

Controlling alcohol-related crime, nuisance and disorder

It's magic: prevent drug problems without mentioning drugs

Treatment staff matter

Residential rehabilitation: the high road to recovery?

The ‘explosion’ that never happened; crack and cocaine use in Britain

‘My GP says I drink too much’: screening and brief intervention

The therapeutic potential of patients and clients

‘Everyone’s not doing it’ message offers hope for prevention

Prescribing opiate-type drugs to opiate addicts: good sense or nonsense?

A minimum price for drink?

Is it futile to match alcohol treatments to the patient?

Protecting the children

Overdose deaths in the UK: crisis and response

Overdose antidote naloxone takes harm-reduction centre stage

Drug education yet to match great (preventive) expectations

Focus on the families

Individualising treatment: an obviously good thing?

The complexity and challenge of ‘dual diagnosis’

Motivational interviewing: fast and flexible counselling style

Acupuncture: potential value of a ‘theatrical placebo’

What makes for an effective treatment service?

Substance use treatment as part of a ‘wrap-around’ package of care

Can 12-step mutual aid bridge recovery resources deficit?

Should we start prevention in the cradle?

What about evidence-based commissioning?

Hepatitis C ‘giant’ still growing

‘Recovery’: meaning and implications for treatment

Does it matter if ‘addiction is a brain disease’?

Computerised therapies: sacrificing effectiveness for wider access?

Can testing and sanctions displace addiction treatment?

Cannabis is worth bothering with

Are the drugs enough? Counselling and therapy in substitute prescribing programmes

Opiate-blocking implants: magic bullet or dangerous experiment?

Should dependent drinkers always try for abstinence?

What do the patients want?

How many drinkers should be in treatment?

What is addiction treatment for?

Harm reduction: what’s it for?

Cycle of Change: change promoter or benevolent fiction?