Meet the Effectiveness Bank team

Thanks to funding from Alcohol Research UK and the Society for the Study of Addiction, from 14 September 2015 Drug and Alcohol Findings was able to be joined by Natalie Davies as editorial assistant, helping the project supply its users with more and better research analyses. Here’s the team...

Mike Ashton, editor

Since its inception in 1998 Mike has been the editor and project leader at Drug and Alcohol Findings. His background was 20 years at the Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence, then the UK’s information service on the misuse of drugs, where he helped develop the library including its indexing system and answered enquiries from public and professionals. Later he became co-responsible for the institute’s publications programme and founded Druglink, the ‘trade’ magazine for the British drug misuse sector. He edited the magazine for 10 years until leaving the institute in 1995. Before establishing Findings, he produced the first two annual reports on the drug problem in the European Union for the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

Natalie Davies, assistant editor

Natalie joined Findings in 2015 as an editorial assistant sharing in all the work of the project and in 2017 became assistant editor. She is a researcher and writer living and working in Wales, from where she has worked for the Centre for Mental Health and Society, Sport Wales, Communities First, and Supporting People. Drugs and alcohol have featured in almost every area she has studied, including homelessness, domestic abuse, mental health and ‘anti-social’ behaviour. Natalie was “delighted to have the opportunity to support discussions about substance use interventions in the UK.” Though she works across the project, she is “particularly interested in interventions for understudied and marginalised groups, and complementing articles about large-scale trials with articles about the qualitative experiences and views of people with substance use issues.”