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‘Bedside’ manner matters
The previous cell looked mainly at the medications clinicians prescribe. Now we look at the clinicians themselves, and discover that for this ‘disease’, bedside manner is not just a conduit for treatment: to a substantial degree, it is the treatment. Learn from seminal studies that patients “sensitized to rejection” assess their clinicians as much as the reverse; signs of rejection or coldness lead to rejection back and risk treatment failure.

The ‘bite’ commentary ends by asking:
To what degree is the clinician’s commitment to their alcohol-dependent clients determined by management and workplace culture?
What makes a clinician ‘good’, and how can we identify the good ones?

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One of 25 cells in the Alcohol Treatment Matrix, a staff development resource mapping seminal and key research and guidance on alcohol brief interventions and treatment.
“This [matrices] is a real tour de force. Brilliant.”
Mike Stewart, formerly director of the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion, England
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