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Organisational climate underlies innovation
Key studies on how treatment organisations affect implementation and effectiveness of psychosocial therapies. Starts with the contention from an influential research stable that “organizational climate underlies the entire process of innovation adoption,” and highlights the study which forcefully brought that home to US researchers. Then addresses three key issues:
Is your service even ready to attempt to change?
Change driven by money versus humanitarian mission; just as good for patients?
The stultifying effect of high staff turnover and how to reduce it.

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One of 25 cells in the Alcohol Treatment Matrix, a staff development resource mapping seminal and key research and guidance on alcohol brief interventions and treatment.
Also see hot topic on why some treatment services are more effective than others.

“Succinct, relevant reports leaving me with more hours in the week to work with clients … invaluable to me. Matrices join everything up and deliver a kind of bottom line … superb service.”
Dr Sandy Francis, lecturer, Action on Addiction and University of Bath; NHS psychological therapist and supervisor, England

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