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Society for the Study of Addiction to take on research update role
From 1 May 2021 Drug and Alcohol Findings expects to end its core research update service, many aspects of which will instead become available from the Society for the Study of Addiction – our co-funder and long-time supporter, and a charity with an unrivalled history and standing in the sector. To follow progress on these changes be sure to subscribe free of charge to the Society’s website user mailing list.

With our backing and practical support, these developments promise to deliver an improved service using multiple media in user-friendly formats, enabling more people (including practitioners, policymakers and people with experience of problem substance use) to understand what different drug and alcohol interventions entail, how they are implemented, and how effective they are in practice.

Plans are still being put in place to provide this service, building on what Drug and Alcohol Findings has become known for: accessible coverage of substance use intervention research, from school-based prevention to residential rehabilitation, brief interventions to drug consumption rooms.

Discussions are also underway with the Society for the Study of Addiction and Alcohol Change UK on services which may continue to be funded from the Effectiveness Bank; stay subscribed to or join our mailing list and/or remain in contact through your usual channels to receive further announcements. Already the Society for the Study of Addiction has pledged to continue to fund maintenance of the existing Effectiveness Bank, ensuring it remains freely available for anyone to access its archive of over 1300 research analyses and related documents.

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