Alcohol-use disorders
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Alcohol-use disorders.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
[UK] National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, 2015.

Online flowcharts from the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guide planners and practitioners dealing with alcohol use disorders through choices of strategies and interventions on prevention, brief interventions, alcohol treatment, and treatment of associated medical conditions.

Summary Clinical and public health pathways published by the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) bring together all NICE guidance, quality standards and materials to support implementation on a specific topic area. They are presented as flowcharts recommending decisions to undertake certain strategies and interventions depending on (in the case of the alcohol pathways) whether the objective is prevention or the treatment of alcohol use disorders, and in the case of treatment, on assessments of the patient’s condition. The pathways are interactive and designed to be used online. The starting flowchart ( diagram) includes boxes (blue in the diagram) which when clicked open up sub-flowcharts dealing with that set of interventions or strategies.

Alcohol-use disorders overview

Alcohol use disorder pathways draw on NICE guidance and quality standards including the documents below available via the Effectiveness Bank:
Alcohol-use disorders: preventing the development of hazardous and harmful drinking Prevention guidelines which prioritised population-wide changes like price rises and outlet restrictions which affect everyone, independent of the choices they make.
School-based interventions on alcohol Recommends alcohol education should be integral to national science and personal, social and health education curricula, but schools should go beyond this to develop a ‘whole school’ approach working with relevant non-education services and authorities.
Alcohol dependence and harmful alcohol use quality standard A concise statement of 13 practices which constitute high quality health care for problem drinkers and good practice in identifying and advising hazardous drinkers – standards which may be used to assess and reward providers and health service commissioning authorities.
Alcohol-use disorders: diagnosis, assessment and management of harmful drinking and alcohol dependence Assessment of what evaluation research means for alcohol dependence treatment in Britain, featuring reviews of the literature on the topics it covers.
Alcohol use disorders: diagnosis and clinical management of alcohol-related physical complications Clinical guidelines on the medical care of people suffering acute alcohol withdrawal or alcohol-related lack of thiamine, liver disease, or inflammation of the pancreas.
Services for the identification and treatment of hazardous drinking, harmful drinking and alcohol dependence in children, young people and adults Guidance for commissioners on how to organise and procure alcohol treatment and brief intervention services in an area which implement related national clinical guidance and satisfy policy requirements.

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