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Drugs: the complete collection

All Effectiveness Bank analyses to date of documents related to use and problem use of illegal drugs starting with the analyses most recently added or updated, totalling today 815 documents.

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REVIEW 2003 PDF file 925Kb
Role Reversal

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Controversial, expensive, yet promising so much, interest is increasing in prescribing heroin to heroin addicts. Just five studies hold what answers there are to whether this can work, including a probably unrepeatable early British study.

OFFCUT 2003 PDF file 246Kb
Criminalising drug possession in the Czech Republic did not reduce drug problems

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
When in 1999 the Czech Republic criminalised unauthorised possession of illegal drugs the result was to waste money on prosecutions which did little to reduce drug problems and deterred help-seeking.

OFFCUT 2003 PDF file 147Kb
NTA guidance on heroin prescribing

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Guidance from the English National Treatment Agency on the prescribing of injectable opioids for the treatment of heroin addiction based on the views of an expert group and a review of the literature.

OFFCUT 2003 PDF file 134Kb
Is your measure of success what matters to the client, or what matters to everyone else?

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
How a patient assesses their own well-being can be poorly related to conventional outcomes such as substance use. Using quality of life as a benchmark would often give a different impression of whether one treatment or service is better than another.

OFFCUT 2003 PDF file 120Kb
New UK services help you choose and evaluate prevention resources

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Announcing two new government-funded services to help practitioners choose education and prevention resources and projects, to access existing evidence, and to develop the evidence base.

LETTER 2003 PDF file 493Kb
Blueprint not following a flawed evidence base

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Paul Baker explains why the English national evaluation of drug education decided against basing itself on two questionable US models.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 189Kb
Rapid opiate detoxification feasible at home

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Spanish study suggests that given suitable patients and a suitable home environment, rapid detoxification from opiates can be done at home without on-site professional supervision.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 268Kb
DTTOs: the Scottish way cuts the failure rate

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Though rare in Scotland, failure is the norm for drug treatment and testing orders (court-ordered treatment as an alternative to normal sentencing) in England and Wales, leading to high reconviction rates. Two studies help account for the difference.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 203Kb
Family programme improves on school lessons

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
In this US study supplementing a leading classroom-based curriculum with evening sessions to improve parent-child interaction (the Strengthening Families Program) led to 30% fewer 12–13-year-old children starting to drink in their early teens.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 278Kb
Secondary school DARE ineffective without interactive extensions

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
The first randomised trial of the DARE drug prevention curriculum for pupils of secondary school age found its police-led lessons ineffective unless supplemented by activities which involved parents, pupils and communities as active participants.

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