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Drugs: the complete collection

All Effectiveness Bank analyses to date of documents related to use and problem use of illegal drugs starting with the analyses most recently added or updated, totalling today 815 documents.

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STUDY 2000 PDF file 149Kb
Clash of philosophies impedes work with young drug using offenders

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Two innovative British projects provide valuable lessons about the problems of integrating drug counsellors in a youth justice setting and how these might be dealt with in order to more effectively tackle youth offending.

STUDY 2000 PDF file 109Kb
Treatment with drug testing promises to cut national burden of drug-related crime

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
A dramatic fall in offending among offenders retained at pilot drug treatment and testing order schemes supported the decision to implement these orders across England despite widespread failure to complete and inter-professional conflicts.

STUDY 2000 PDF file 110Kb
Mandatory aftercare (probably) reduces recidivism after prison treatment

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Reduced reoffending after treatment in Texas's first prison-based therapeutic community for drug users depended on completion of a residential aftercare phase, reinforcing the throughcare element of UK prison service plans.

STUDY 2000 PDF file 121Kb
Community solidarity and civil law important tools in reducing drug-related nuisance and crime

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Lessons from Australia and the USA about the potentially harm-producing effects of police crackdowns on street drug dealing and use scenes and the benefits to the community of collective action on the part of residents and property owners.

STUDY 2000 PDF file 144Kb
Methadone's failures respond to heroin

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
A large-scale trial in Switzerland suggests that despite failures with other treatments, many long-term heroin addicts respond well to a treatment based on injectable heroin.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 1044Kb
NTORS: the most crucial test yet for addiction treatment in Britain

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
FINDINGS analysis of the influential national English drug treatment evaluation study questions the key estimate that every extra £1 spent on treatment saved over £3 in the costs of crime alone.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 255Kb
Methadone treatment cost-effective life saver

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Three studies which show that getting in to and staying in methadone treatment cost-effectively saves the lives of heroin addicts. Conversely, being denied treatment or discharged for rule-breaking costs lives.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 217Kb
Arrest referral breaks drugs-crime cycle

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Early UK report clarified what makes for a successful arrest referral scheme based on experience at three schemes which adopted the 'proactive' approach of initiating contact with arrestees or offenders thought to be problem drug users.

REVIEW 1999 PDF file 592Kb
Pressure pays

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
The UK increasingly relies on court-ordered treatment to reduce drug-related crime, but can this really do the trick? Distinguished British expert Philip Bean assesses the evidence.

FOOL'S GOLD 1999 PDF file 381Kb
False dawn for drug-free schools in Taiwan

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
In Taiwan, under-resourced schools, pressured to make unrealistic drug use reductions, found that fiddling the figures was the only way to avoid being seen to fail. Public and politicians thought things were fine until researchers uncovered the truth.

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