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Alcohol: the complete collection

All Effectiveness Bank analyses to date of documents related to alcohol compiled for our partner Alcohol Change UK, starting with the analyses most recently added or updated, totalling today 792 documents.

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STUDY 2015 HTM file
The Public Health Responsibility deal: has a public-private partnership brought about action on alcohol reduction?

Knai C., Petticrew M., Durand M.A. et al.
Addiction: 2015, 1000(8), p. 1217–1225.
At the heart of the UK government’s alcohol strategy are ‘Responsibility Deal’ pledges made by alcohol companies, but rather than being prompted by the deal, this report says actions committed to were usually already done or underway. Other sources suggest the process helped forestall a more effective measure – a minimum per unit price for alcohol.

STUDY 2010 HTM file
Social host liability for minors and underage drunk-driving accidents

Dills A.K.
Journal of Health Economics: 2010, 29, p. 241–249.
US social host liability laws mean hosts of a private party can acquire civil liability if they supple alcohol to minors and that act leads to the injury to a third person. This analysis suggests such laws help prevent underage drunk-driving deaths.

STUDY 2010 HTM file
Consequences of eliminating federal disability benefits for substance abusers

Chatterji P., Meara E.
Journal of Health Economics: 2010, 29, p. 226–240.
Confirms findings of few measurable negative consequences of the 1997 termination of US federal disability benefits for disabling substance disorders, a change intended to eliminate potential disincentives to work.

STUDY 2014 HTM file
Alcohol screening and brief interventions for offenders in the probation setting (SIPS trial): a pragmatic multicentre cluster randomized controlled trial

Newbury-Birch D., Coulton S., Bland M. et al.
Alcohol and Alcoholism: 2014, 49(5), p. 540–548.
The probation arm of the largest alcohol screening and brief intervention study yet conducted in Britain found that the proportion of offenders drinking at risky levels fell just as much after the most minimal of screening and intervention methods as after more sophisticated and longer alternatives.

STUDY 2012 HTM file
Alcohol screening and brief intervention in emergency departments

Drummond C., Deluca P.
Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, 2012.
The emergency department arm of the largest alcohol screening and brief intervention study yet conducted in Britain found that the proportion of risky drinkers fell just as much after the most minimal of screening and intervention methods as after more sophisticated and longer (but still brief) alternatives.

REVIEW 2010 HTM file
Brief screening questionnaires to identify problem drinking during pregnancy: a systematic review

Burns E., Gray R., Smith L.A.
Addiction: 2010, 105(4), p. 601–614.
Heavy drinking by mothers-to-be threatens their unborn child – but for that very reason, stigma may mean women shy away from admitting their problem. This review found several brief screening questionnaires showed promise in identifying mothers who might need to cut back, while others seemed unsuitable for the antenatal care context.

STUDY 2010 HTM file
A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial combining sertraline and naltrexone for treating co-occurring depression and alcohol dependence

Pettinati H.M., Oslin D.W., Kampman K.M. et al.
American Journal of Psychiatry: 2010, 167(6), p. 668–675.
First evidence that combining sertraline for depression with naltrexone for drinking is more effective than either medication alone when dependent drinking is complicated by clinical depression.

REVIEW 2010 HTM file
Benzodiazepines for alcohol withdrawal

Amato L., Minozzi S., Vecchi S. et al.
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: 2010, 3, Art. No.: CD005063.
Rigorous review and synthesis of randomised trials indicates the superiority of benzodiazepines for controlling the potentially serious medical consequences of withdrawing from dependent drinking.

STUDY 2013 HTM file
Alcohol assessment and feedback by email for university students: main findings from a randomised controlled trial

McCambridge J., Bendtsen M., Karlsson N. et al.
British Journal of Psychiatry: 2013, 203, p. 334–340.
A rare ‘real world’ trial of whether a routine and feasible brief alcohol intervention can have population-wide public health benefits found that among university students in Sweden, web-based screening had very minor impacts which were not enhanced by feeding back the results.

STUDY 2014 HTM file
Web-based alcohol screening and brief intervention for university students: a randomized trial

Kypri K., Vater T., Bowe S.J. et al.
Journal of the American Medical Association: 2014, 311(12), p. 1218–1224.
Findings from this multi-university study in New Zealand seem an example of trials of brief alcohol interventions as they would be implemented in routine practice failing to match more promising findings from trials conducted in less ‘real world’ circumstances.

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