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Alcohol: the complete collection

All Effectiveness Bank analyses to date of documents related to alcohol compiled for our supporter Alcohol Change UK, starting with the analyses most recently added or updated, totalling today 785 documents.

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STUDY 2011 HTM file
Evaluation of the Jobcentre Plus Intensive Activity trial for substance misusing customers

Fisher C.
[UK] Department for Work and Pensions, 2011.
In three high drug use urban areas in England, treatment staff were placed in job centres to facilitate the referral of unemployed substance users in to treatment. It worked, but not well enough to recommend a national roll out.

STUDY 2010 HTM file
Offender alcohol interventions: minding the policy gap

Fitzpatrick R., Thorne L.
Advances in Dual Diagnosis: 2010, 3(4), p. 14–19.
Based on exhaustive consultations in the south west of England, this report diagnoses the blockages to providing adequate alcohol-related services to offenders and makes recommendations to improve commissioning, coordination and practice.

STUDY 2011 HTM file
An evaluation of the implementation of the objectives of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005; first interim report summary

MacGregor A., Sharp C., Mabelis J. et al.
NHS Health Scotland, 2011.
Scotland's 2005 licensing reforms were of nationwide interest because they placed it in the vanguard across the UK, notably in adding public health to licensing objectives. While staff say other elements are working well, disappointingly this key measure has so far had little impact.

STUDY 2010 HTM file
Cluster-randomized controlled trial of dissemination strategies of an online quality improvement programme for alcohol-related disorders

Ruf D., Berner M., Kriston L. et al.
Alcohol and Alcoholism: 2010, 45(1), p. 70–78.
No matter which dissemination strategy was tried, just 4 in 10 GPs in Germany logged in to a government funded online alcohol intervention education and support system. Even among the few practices who joined the study, training was poorly attended.

STUDY 2011 HTM file
Reducing the impact of alcohol-related harm to Londoners – how well are we doing?

Penfold M., Rand H.
London: Alcohol Concern, 2011.
Seven years after the first alcohol harm reduction strategy for England, this audit finds treatment access and brief intervention work has progressed in London but funding is often precarious and GP services are surprisingly under-developed.

STUDY 2010 HTM file
A review of alcohol services for offenders in the North East region

North East Public Health Observatory.
North East Public Health Observatory, 2010.
Problem drinking offenders in north east England benefit from creative partnership working, but still this report baldly states that, "for 'alcohol only' prisoners, an alcohol care pathway does not exist"; low-level intervention in prison is followed by minimal support on release.

STUDY 2011 HTM file
Derbyshire's Alcohol Diversion Scheme evaluation

Derbyshire Community Safety Partnership, Druglink.
Derbyshire Community Safety Partnership and Druglink, 2011.
Enticed by a halving in their fines, young 'binge' drinkers in northern England penalised for alcohol-related nuisance undertook a brief course which was followed by substantial reductions in drinking and alcohol-related problems. The fines they did pay financed the courses.

STUDY 2009 HTM file
Evaluation of the Hertfordshire Alcohol Diversion Scheme

McNicol I.
Hemel Hempstead: Druglink, 2009.
Enticed by a halving in their fines, young 'binge' drinkers in south east England penalised for alcohol-related nuisance undertook a brief course which was followed by reductions in drinking and better management of potential flash points. The fines they did pay helped finance the courses.

STUDY 2011 HTM file
The impact and delivery of alcohol treatment requirements in the Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust area

McSweeney T., Bhardwa B.
London: Institute for Criminal Policy Research, Birkbeck College, 2011.
In the English Midlands, problem-drinking offenders who agreed to be ordered in to alcohol treatment by the courts had a worse prognosis than comparable previous offenders but slightly fewer reoffended; also their drinking was reduced but for many remained excessive.

STUDY 2010 HTM file
Evaluation of the alcohol treatment requirement in five sites across the Lancashire probation area

Baldwin H., Duffy P.
Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, 2010.
In Lancashire in northern England, problem-drinking offenders who agreed to be ordered in to alcohol treatment by the courts dramatically cut their drinking and offending and experienced improved health and wellbeing.

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