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Alcohol: the complete collection

All Effectiveness Bank analyses to date of documents related to alcohol compiled for our supporter Alcohol Change UK, starting with the analyses most recently added or updated, totalling today 779 documents.

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STUDY 2003 PDF file 193Kb
Addressing heavy drinking by needle exchange users could reduce infection risk

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Under two hours of risk assessment and motivational sessions cut heavy drinking and equipment sharing among exchange attenders, offering a way to further reduce the risks of overdose, viral infection and the aggravation of pre-existing hepatitis disease.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 172Kb
Injury rate cut in heavy drinking accident and emergency patients

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
One of the few studies to have tried alcohol interventions in the emergency department rather than after admission was also the first to find a significant reduction in later injuries, but only if the initial approach had been reinforced with a booster.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 168Kb
Family doctors' alcohol advice plus follow up cuts long-term medical and social costs

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
A rare long-term study of a brief alcohol intervention in primary care found substantial drinking reductions and health care and social cost-savings four years later including 41% fewer traffic accidents causing injuries or death.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 177Kb
Systematic but simple way to determine who needs residential care

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
In this US study the criteria and the methods used to develop them offer a way to reserve expensive residential rehabilitation for those who need it and to improve treatment completion rates in both residential and non-residential settings.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 182Kb
UK-style school drug prevention programme helps prevent regular drinking

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
A substance use prevention programme routinely implemented in Dutch secondary schools reduced drinking and had some impact on smoking. The study indicates that programmes of the intensity and type normally implemented may have a modest beneficial impact.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 160Kb
Failure to replicate positive findings on acupuncture

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Using more rigorous methods and larger and more diverse samples, two research teams failed to replicate their previous positive findings on acupuncture in the treatment of alcohol and cocaine dependence respectively.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 129Kb
US version of Skills for Adolescence modestly retards growth of substance use

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
The first rigorous follow-up study of a drug education programme popular and influential in Britain found that it modestly retarded growth of substance use in 12-13-year-old school pupils.

STUDY 2008 HTM file
Style not content key to matching patients to therapeutic approaches

on the web
Analysis of videoed therapy sessions from a Project MATCH alcohol treatment trial clinic showed that whether therapists appropriately adjusted their interpersonal style to the patient mattered more than which therapy they practised.

STUDY 2008 HTM file
Substance-focused initiatives not only way schools help prevent risky substance use

Bisset S.
on the web
In so far as they engaged pupils in their education, schools in the West Midlands of England also protected them against risky forms of substance use, offering a way to address drug prevention by focusing on core educational and social virtues.

Manners Matter

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Five-part series not so much on what treatment services do, but how they do it. Conclusion: the same human qualities which make life better outside treatment make it better within - empathy, understanding, respect, responsiveness, caring persistence.

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