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Alcohol: the complete collection

All Effectiveness Bank analyses to date of documents related to alcohol compiled for our supporter Alcohol Change UK, starting with the analyses most recently added or updated, totalling today 777 documents.

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STUDY 1999 PDF file 224Kb
Stepped care for drinkers yet to prove itself

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
The first evaluation of 'stepped care' for heavy drinkers found no added benefit from offering further treatment to those who did not respond to initial therapy, but the study was not a definitive refutation of this cost-saving approach.

REVIEW 1999 PDF file 841Kb
How brief can you get?

Drummond C.
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Three pioneering British studies dating back to the late '70s showed that alcohol problems could be reduced without intensive (and expensive) treatments. The implications were and remain immense, the controversy fierce.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 211Kb
GPs moderate risky drinking in elderly

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
The first study to test a brief primary care intervention on elderly heavy drinkers found that as a result the proportion drinking excessively fell by nearly 50% but increased by 15% in patients not given the intervention.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 223Kb
Students respond to brief alcohol intervention

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
High risk US students selected on the basis of their drinking at school cut their drinking at college in response to a brief face-to-face motivational interview with individualised risk assessments.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 209Kb
Advice and referral curb drinking in alcohol dependent hospital patients

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
In New York the serendipitous misapplication of a brief intervention to alcohol-dependent general hospital patients raised the possibility that they benefit as much from this as from referral to full-blown treatment.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 222Kb
Harm reduction education works but only with current drinkers

N., Midford R., Farringon F.
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
In Australia and the USA, two alcohol-specific school curricula aiming to prevent harm/misuse rather than use found positive outcomes, but only among early secondary school pupils who had already drunk alcohol.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 634Kb
Deviant drug use susceptible to education

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
California pupils refused entry to normal secondary schools (many used drugs and/or were high risk) substantially reduced their hard drug use in special schools allocated to a three-week curriculum tailored to their needs.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 334Kb
Community mobilisation cuts drinking and drug use, but implementation complex and costly

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Two major US studies found that a programme which involves community mobilisation as well as school-based activities can delay the onset of alcohol and drug use among younger adolescents, and one reported a lasting impact on later drug problems.

REVIEW 1999 PDF file 195Kb
Chlordiazepoxide drug of choice to ease alcohol withdrawal

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
US guidelines based on a literature review and meta-analysis conclude that during the first three to five days benzodiazepines ameliorate alcohol withdrawal symptoms and prevent delirium and seizures.

IN PRACTICE 1999 PDF file 292Kb
Are we right to spend more?

in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Commissioners in London wanted to know if they were getting value for money from extending residential and day care stays for substance dependent clients. To find out they trialed the Christo Inventory, a new quick and simple monitoring tool.

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