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Alcohol: the complete collection

All Effectiveness Bank analyses to date of documents related to alcohol compiled for our partner Alcohol Change UK, starting with the analyses most recently added or updated, totalling today 793 documents.

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STUDY 2015 HTM file
Effects of a 2009 Illinois alcohol tax increase on fatal motor vehicle crashes

Wagenaar A.C., Livingston M.D., Staras S.S.
American Journal of Public Health: 2015, 105(9), p. 1880–1885.
Though price rises would have been modest, still the increase in alcohol taxes in Illinois in 2009 significantly reduced fatal alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes by at least 15% over the following 28 months.

STUDY 2015 HTM file
Computer-delivered screening and brief intervention for alcohol use in pregnancy: a pilot randomized trial

Ondersma S.J., Beatty J.R., Svikis D.S. et al.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research: 2015, 39(7), p. 1219–1226.
A computer-delivered brief intervention plus booster mailings increased the alcohol abstinence rate and improved pregnancy outcomes among risky drinking pregnant women recruited at a US antenatal clinic, though in this small pilot trial the results were not statistically significant.

REVIEW 2015 HTM file
Effects of 21st birthday brief interventions on college student celebratory drinking: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Steinka-Fry K.T., Tanner-Smith E.E., Grant S. et al
Addictive Behaviors: 2015, 50, p. 13–21.
Randomised trials of brief interventions sent by email or letter to moderate 21st birthday drinking by US college students collectively failed to show consequent reductions in amounts drunk at these events, though they may have modestly reduced risks by lowering peak blood alcohol levels.

STUDY 2015 HTM file
Effects of a combined parent-student alcohol prevention program on intermediate factors and adolescents’ drinking behavior: a sequential mediation model

Koning I.M., MacKinnon D., Maric M. et al.
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology: 2015, 83(4), p. 719–727.
First get the parents to set and communicate strict limits on their children’s drinking was the implication of this analysis of how in the Netherlands a combined adolescent education and parenting programme exerted unusually strong impacts on later drinking.

REVIEW 2015 HTM file
A comparison of the efficacy of brief interventions to reduce hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption between European and non-European countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Elzerbi C., Donoghue K., Drummond C.
Addiction: 2015, 10(7), p. 1082–1091.
Amalgamation of results from relevant studies finds that in high-income nations brief alcohol advice to emergency or primary care patients remains effective whether trials take place in European or non-European drinking cultures and health service contexts. Impacts were however small and may not be duplicated in routine practice.

STUDY 2015 HTM file
Tackling risky alcohol consumption in sport: cluster randomised controlled trial of an alcohol management intervention with community football clubs

Kingsland M., Wolfenden L., Tindall J. et al.
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health: 2015, early online publication
Playing team sports is associated with heavy drinking, but through an alcohol management code voluntarily entered in to and policed by sports clubs themselves, this unique randomised trial from Australia claims to have found a way to turn the tide without having to strengthen formal enforcement.

REVIEW 2015 HTM file
Electronic interventions for alcohol misuse and alcohol use disorders: a systematic review

Dedert E.A., McDuffie J.R., Stein R. et al.
Annals of Internal Medicine: 2015, 163(3), p. 205–214.
Computerisation promises to spread the consumption-moderating benefits of alcohol screening and brief advice or treatment across the population, overcoming resource and access limitations to in-person interventions, but small and transient effects may not be enough to mitigate the health and social consequences of drinking.

STUDY 2014 HTM file
Sport participation and alcohol and illicit drug use in adolescents and young adults: a systematic review of longitudinal studies

Kwan M., Bobko S., Faulkner G. et al.
Addictive Behaviors: 2014, 39(3), p. 497–506.
Does getting involved in sport divert adolescents from getting involved in drug or alcohol use? Perhaps with respect to the less normalised illicit drugs, but maybe not cannabis, and drinking actually seems to increase.

STUDY 2015 HTM file
Extended-release naltrexone for alcohol and opioid problems in Missouri parolees and probationers

Crits-Christoph P, Lundy C., Stringer M. et al
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment: 2015, 56, p. 54–60.
Long-acting injectable naltrexone blocks the effects of opiates for about a month and has also helped dependent drinkers cut back. Treatment records in the US state of Missouri showed that among the few problem substance using offenders allocated to or who chose this treatment, a much higher proportion became abstinent than those offered other kinds of addiction treatment.

STUDY 2015 HTM file
Efficacy of an online intervention to reduce alcohol-related risks among community college students

Donovan E., Mahapatra P.D., Green T.C. et al.
Addiction Research and Theory: 2015, 23(5), p. 437–447.
US students starting courses at community colleges drank less after being randomly allocated to an online alcohol risk-reduction programme but there were no effects on adverse consequences of drinking or on use of strategies to prevent these.

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