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 Alcohol: the complete collection

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Alcohol: the complete collection

All Effectiveness Bank analyses to date of documents related to alcohol compiled for our partner Alcohol Change UK, starting with the analyses most recently added or updated, totalling today 793 documents.

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DOCUMENT 2010 HTM file
Drug Strategy 2010. Reducing Demand, Restricting Supply, Building Recovery: Supporting People to Live a Drug Free Life

HM Government.
HM Government, 2010.
2010 English national drug strategy: "A fundamental difference [from] those that have gone before is that instead of focusing primarily on reducing the harms caused by drug misuse, [we will] go much further and offer every support for people to choose recovery as an achievable way out of dependency."

STUDY 2009 HTM file
From in-session behaviors to drinking outcomes: a causal chain for motivational interviewing

Moyers T.B., Martina T., Houcka J.M. et al.
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology: 2009, 77(6), p. 1113–1124.
This substudy from the seminal US Project MATCH alcohol treatment trial found evidence for the appealingly simple and plausible conclusions that "What therapists reflect back, they will hear more of," and that promoting talk about change promotes change itself.

REVIEW 2006 PDF file 856Kb
Case management

Vanderplasschen W, Rapp RC, Wolf JR, Broekaert E.
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
An expert Euro-US collaboration led by Wouter Vanderplasschen from Belgium examines what in Britain is now seen as the core mechanism for transforming isolated episodes of care into coherently staged and comprehensive reintegration programmes.

STUDY 2006 PDF file 114Kb
Self-help groups: transformation from helped to helper promotes recovery

Pagano ME, Friend KB, Tonigan JS, Stout RL.
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Two US studies of drinkers and cocaine dependents respectively suggest that an identity transformation from someone capable only of receiving help to someone who makes a contribution by helping others is key to the impact of 12-step mutual groups.

OFFCUT 2006 PDF file 159Kb
Escalating liver cirrhosis deaths expose failure of UK alcohol policy

Leon D.A Room R. Babor T. Chisholm D. Mulvihill C.
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Steep recent increases in liver cirrhosis deaths appear to expose the failure of British alcohol policy to curb consumption and related medical harm. The analysis found that Scotland led the way with a doubling in deaths in men and a 63% increase among women.

OFFCUT 2006 PDF file 125Kb
Impulse smoking cessation resolutions twice as likely to stick as planned

Cutler R.B. Sobell L. West R. Matzger H. Witkiewitz K.
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
The popular cycle of change model offers one way to envision intentional change but that is not the only or the most lasting way addiction is resolved; seemingly sudden conversions to abstinence are common and lead to more lasting remission.

STUDY 2006 PDF file 106Kb
Improving continuity of care in a public addiction treatment system with clinical case management

McLellan AT, Weinstein RL, Shen Q, Kendig C, Levine M.
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
In Philadelphia intensive case management created the kind of post-detoxification continuity of care which dramatically cut repeated admissions for detoxification, increased the numbers able to be treated, and offered patients a better chance of gaining lasting stability.

STUDY 2006 PDF file 114Kb
Harm reduction education successfully extended to illegal drugs

Christiane Poulin Jocelyn Nicholson
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
A small sample of Canadian schools generally endorsed the appropriateness of harm reduction education for older teenagers, and in the two which implemented the programme, substance use and related damage and risk were curbed compared to other local schools.

STUDY 2006 PDF file 207Kb
Effective delivery and positive message works for school-based media campaigns

Michael D. Slater 1,7, Kathleen J. Kelly, Ruth W. Edwards, Pamela J. Thurman, Barbara A. Plested, Thomas J. Keefe, Frank R. Lawrence Kimberly L. Henry
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
A rare finding of substantially reduced youth substance use following a media campaign demonstrates the value of well tailored content and an effective, manageable delivery mechanism.

STUDY 2006 PDF file 196Kb
Patient-focused alcohol treatment aids wives and children too

Jasmina Burdzovic Andreas William Fals-Stewart Murphy M, Murphy CM. Timothy J. O'Farrell
in the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine
Whether families benefit from alcohol treatment as well as the patients has rarely been studied. This US analysis demonstrated that they do, positioning alcohol treatment as also contributing to child and family welfare objectives.

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