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REVIEW 2003 PDF file 1010Kb
Just say, 'No sir'

Tim Stockwell identifies strategies which promote responsible alcohol service in licensed premises and which can improve public health, safety and order. The trick is to create the motivation to implement and sustain them against competitive pressures.

OFFCUT 2003 PDF file 246Kb
Criminalising drug possession in the Czech Republic did not reduce drug problems

When in 1999 the Czech Republic criminalised unauthorised possession of illegal drugs the result was to waste money on prosecutions which did little to reduce drug problems and deterred help-seeking.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 213Kb
Testing school pupils for drugs does not reduce drug use

Much publicised US research which found that school drug testing policies were unrelated to drug use among their pupils, interpreted as the most solid evidence to date that testing does not deter drug use.

STUDY 2002 PDF file 240Kb
Police crackdowns: environmental and community changes sustain impact

The largest ever police offensive against drug dealers in London did not reduce street crime or availability of crack – its prime target. Extended text reviews studies showing crackdowns need to be embedded in environmental and community initiatives.

STUDY 2001 PDF file 100Kb
Persistent and credible enforcement needed to prevent widespread alcohol sales to under-18s

The first scientific study in Britain of test purchases of alcohol by underage children implies that persistent, credible and well publicised enforcement will be needed; short-term 'crackdowns' risk being followed by an upsurge in illegal sales.

STUDY 2001 PDF file 183Kb
No increase in use after cannabis possession made a civil offence

Allowing personal-use cannabis offenders to avoid criminal proceedings by paying a small fine did not lead to increased cannabis use in South Australia and avoided disrupting the lives and careers of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

STUDY 2001 PDF file 199Kb
What effect do police crackdowns have on the demand for treatment?

Indicating that enforcement can foster treatment entry, in Switzerland and Australia police disruption of familiar and accessible heroin markets or the cumulation of enforcement pressure persuaded some users to enter methadone maintenance.

STUDY 2000 PDF file 121Kb
Community solidarity and civil law important tools in reducing drug-related nuisance and crime

Lessons from Australia and the USA about the potentially harm-producing effects of police crackdowns on street drug dealing and use scenes and the benefits to the community of collective action on the part of residents and property owners.

STUDY 2000 PDF file 220Kb
Community action cuts drink-driving deaths

A major US multi-site trial provides convincing evidence that comprehensive community action featuring more intensive enforcement can more than pay for itself by reducing drink-drive crashes and injuries.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 220Kb
Alcohol-related violence cut when licensees adopt and implement codes of conduct

Analyses of five local accords targeting alcohol-related violence in Australian town centres, each based on a code of practice for licensees to counter competitive pressures. All achieved a degree of success, sometimes dramatic.

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