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STUDY 2008 HTM file
Home visits reduce risk of 'hidden harm' to children of drug treatment patients

In Australia a home-based child welfare intervention for methadone-maintained parents improved parenting and decreased the risks of child abuse or neglect, offering one way to address current concerns about the children of dependent drug users.

STUDY 2003 PDF file 235Kb
First large-scale randomised trial boosts case for heroin prescribing

From the Netherlands, the first large-scale, randomised trial found that for patients previously failed by oral methadone, prescribing injectable or smokable heroin instead greatly reduces crime and improves health and social functioning.

STUDY 2002 PDF file 1321Kb
The grand design: lessons from DATOS

US drug treatment was under fire, over-stretched and facing the new challenge of crack cocaine when the huge DATOS study set out to test whether it was still delivering benefits, how it worked, and how it could be made better. Truly essential reading.

REVIEW 2002 PDF file 1258Kb
There is an alternative: buprenorphine maintenance

A team led by one of the most respected authorities in the world on drug-based treatments for opiate dependence assesses the evidence for a drug emerging as the most promising alternative to methadone.

STUDY 2002 PDF file 183Kb
No harm and some benefit in letting methadone patients choose their dose

US study shows that methadone maintenance patients allowed to set their own doses do not escalate excessively. Benefits may include improved patient-therapist relations and reduced illicit drug use. Extended text reviews other relevant studies.

STUDY 2008 HTM file
High risk of overdose death for opiate detoxification completers

Findings from Italy and Australia warn that detoxification without throughgoing stabilisation, preparation and aftercare is too often a band-aid measure which risks more harm then good.

REVIEW 2001 PDF file 193Kb
Methadone shades buprenorphine for outcomes but safety could tip the balance

Two meta-analyses combining the results of studies comparing buprenorphine with methadone for the treatment of opiate dependence found little difference in outcomes, suggesting that selection can be based on patient preference, safety and cost.

STUDY 2001 PDF file 274Kb
Antabuse reduces cocaine and alcohol use among opiate maintenance patients

Regular alcohol and cocaine use are common among opiate dependent patients and only partially (if at all) affected by opioid maintenance treatment; US studies suggest that disulfiram can curb use of both these drugs among maintenance patients.

STUDY 2001 PDF file 199Kb
What effect do police crackdowns have on the demand for treatment?

Indicating that enforcement can foster treatment entry, in Switzerland and Australia police disruption of familiar and accessible heroin markets or the cumulation of enforcement pressure persuaded some users to enter methadone maintenance.

OFFCUT 2001 PDF file 140Kb
Comprehensive guides to buprenorphine prescribing from Australia

The Australian national policy on using buprenorphine in the treatment of opiate dependence and comprehensive national guidelines for clinicians.

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