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STUDY 2004 PDF file 947Kb
Doing it together strengthens families and helps prevent substance use

Origins and achievements of the US programme singled out by British reviewers as the most promising "effective intervention over the longer-term for the primary prevention of alcohol misuse".

STUDY 2008 HTM file
Substance-focused initiatives not only way schools help prevent risky substance use

In so far as they engaged pupils in their education, schools in the West Midlands of England also protected them against risky forms of substance use, offering a way to address drug prevention by focusing on core educational and social virtues.

STUDY 2002 PDF file 226Kb
Drug-related youth work – it's not only about drugs

A rare independent evaluation of drug-related youth work in Britain stressed the importance of responding to the youngster's overall life situation. Paradoxically, in this arena drug problems are often best addressed by not addressing them directly.

STUDY 2000 PDF file 122Kb
Family skills programmes delay adolescent drinking but recruitment is a problem

Encouraging US findings of reduced and less harmful adolescent drinking after home or school-based family interventions were marred by high levels of refusal to participate and failure to complete the study.

STUDY 1999 PDF file 378Kb
The danger of warnings

In the early 1970s Dutch health educators put the dominant 'scare' approach to drug education to the test and found it led to more substance use. Their seminal study caused a rethink of national policy here and in the Netherlands.

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