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Effectiveness Bank Bulletin 11 March 2015
How to prevent substitute drugs being misused without throwing out the baby, it really is true that hearing about successful treatment mitigates stigma, but maybe not that addiction treatment and residential rehabilitation in particular reduce public sector costs – in contrast to raising the price of drink, which does save costs, but has its relative winners and losers in the population.

Alcohol treatment matrix for alcohol brief interventions and treatment
Drug treatment matrix for harm reduction and treatment in relation to illegal drugs
“The documents you should read if you read nothing else.”

Control buprenorphine diversion but not at the cost of treatment access
Review of how to prevent misuse of buprenorphine used in the treatment of opiate dependence cautions that measures must not be so onerous that they undermine extension of treatment to the greatest number of patients.

US study validates ‘Make recovery visible’ strategy
More media stories of addiction being successfully treated would reduce stigma and ease social reintegration and recovery, suggests this innovative study.

Residential rehabilitation not best cost-saver for England
For a government which has favoured such treatments, the main findings of this attempt to decide whether the public purse would gain by sending more opiate addicts to residential rehabilitation were in the wrong direction.
Also see hot topic on residential rehabilitation.

Winners and losers from alcohol minimum unit pricing in England
Minimum pricing has in England faced the barrier of being seen as punishing the majority drinking public for the minority of irresponsible and ‘binge’ drinkers. This report assessed impacts on moderate drinkers as relatively minor - but less reassuringly, so too those on young male ‘bingers’ and associated crime.
Also see hot topic on minimum pricing.

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