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Effectiveness Bank bulletin 20 July 2015
Instead of mandatory national curbs on availability of cheap drink, the UK government has opted for relatively ineffective agreements with the alcohol industry. Just screen and warn suggests major UK brief intervention trial. EU supports safer injecting centres.

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Few new initiatives prompted by alcohol industry ‘pledges’
At the heart of the UK government’s alcohol strategy are the ‘Responsibility Deal’ pledges made by alcohol companies, but government-funded evaluators say actions committed to were usually already done or underway.

Alcohol industry ‘pledges’ ineffective ... and perhaps worse
A second article from the same research unit says even if fully implemented, the pledges were unlikely to significantly affect consumption or health. Other sources suggest one effect has been to forestall a more effective measure – a minimum unit price for alcohol.

In A&E minimal ‘Drinking too much’ warning is enough
‘Do just the minimum’ seems the message of the emergency unit arm of the £3.2 million government-funded alcohol screening and brief intervention study intended to inform UK policy. What can really be concluded is unclear, but hard-pressed staff and austerity-hit commissioners may feel justified in cutting provision back to the bone.
Also see sister trials in GPs’ surgeries and probation offices.

EU centre supports drug consumption rooms
The European Union’s drug misuse centre says the evidence contradicts concerns that facilities where illegal drugs can be used more safely might encourage drug use, delay treatment entry, or aggravate problems from local drug markets; instead both users and the community benefit.

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