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Effectiveness Bank additions 30 April 2020
How can substance use disorders be prevented, assessed, and managed in older people? The government department for health policy in Canada funded a set of four guidelines, tasking experts to agree how clinicians should respond to problems with alcohol, benzodiazepines, cannabis, and opioids in this neglected segment of the population.

A guide to alcohol

A guide to benzodiazepines

A guide to cannabis

A guide to opioids

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Drug and alcohol treatment in England
With the help of 21 charts, Drug and Alcohol Findings analyses the performance of England’s drug and alcohol treatment system up to 2016/17 – including the impact of what has been described as an ‘ageing cohort’ of people with alcohol and opioid use problems.

Evidence, experience, and orthodoxy – pillars of UK drug treatment guidance
There is no more important document for doctors treating problem drug use in the UK than the so-called ‘Orange Guidelines’, which includes a section on how to treat older people. The guidelines substantially inform judgements of what constitutes acceptable medical practice in Britain.

Ways to curb concentrated harm among older drinkers
The first review to focus on alcohol interventions for older people found that establishing what works is inhibited by the lack of detail published about ‘successful’ interventions, and an evidence base that is too small to match the significance of the issue.

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The Alcohol and Drug Treatment Matrices: key research selected and explored.
Alcohol matrix for alcohol brief interventions and treatment.
Drug matrix for harm reduction and treatment in relation to illegal drugs.

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