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Just say, 'No sir' 1010Kb PDF file

Tim Stockwell identifies strategies which promote responsible alcohol service in licensed premises and which can improve public health, safety and order. The trick is to create the motivation to implement and sustain them against competitive pressures.

Role Reversal 925Kb PDF file

Controversial, expensive, yet promising so much, interest is increasing in prescribing heroin to heroin addicts. Just five studies hold what answers there are to whether this can work, including a probably unrepeatable early British study.

Hepatitis C and needle exchange part 2: case studies 1826Kb PDF file

Six case studies show how the complex balance of exchange services can be disrupted, leaving hepatitis C and HIV spreading rapidly. Common themes are resource starvation, local hostility, counterproductive restrictions and a non-interventionist ethic. Includes influential early studies dating from 1992.

Blueprint not following a flawed evidence base 493Kb PDF file

Paul Baker explains why the English national evaluation of drug education decided against basing itself on two questionable US models.

New reviews, meta-analyses and evidence-based resources 688Kb PDF file

Newly published overviews and assessments of the evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to reduce alcohol or drug problems.

Glossary of technical terms related to the evaluation of interventions 312Kb PDF file

Updated and additional scientific and statistical definitions adapted to the context of drug and alcohol interventions.

STUDY Naltrexone implants could reduce the early relapse rate after detoxification 164Kb PDF file

STUDY Drug education: inspections show that tick box returns are no guarantee of quality 151Kb PDF file

STUDY Testing school pupils for drugs does not reduce drug use 213Kb PDF file

STUDY 'Most compelling evidence yet' that injecting rooms reduce overdose deaths 151Kb PDF file

STUDY Rapid opiate detoxification feasible at home 189Kb PDF file

STUDY Family programme improves on school lessons 203Kb PDF file

STUDY Secondary school DARE ineffective without interactive extensions 278Kb PDF file

STUDY How to identify retention-enhancing alcohol counsellors 190Kb PDF file

STUDY Counselling: style matters 190Kb PDF file

STUDY Ways to expand shared care for opiate addicts 208Kb PDF file

STUDY Nurses help prevent hazardous drinking while caring for injured drinkers 188Kb PDF file

STUDY Alcohol counselling: try brief therapy first 180Kb PDF file

STUDY Initial motivational session improves alcohol treatment retention and outcomes 110Kb PDF file

STUDY Naltrexone helps heavy drinkers gain control 188Kb PDF file

STUDY DTTOs: the Scottish way cuts the failure rate 268Kb PDF file

OFFCUT Untreated controls set benchmark for alcohol treatment 149Kb PDF file

OFFCUT Criminalising drug possession in the Czech Republic did not reduce drug problems 246Kb PDF file

OFFCUT NTA guidance on heroin prescribing 147Kb PDF file

OFFCUT British studies link release from inpatient detoxification and prison to overdose deaths 156Kb PDF file

OFFCUT Is your measure of success what matters to the client, or what matters to everyone else? 134Kb PDF file

OFFCUT New UK services help you choose and evaluate prevention resources 120Kb PDF file

Overdose causes and prevention

Investing in alcohol treatment

In treatment, manners matter

Hepatitis C and needle exchange

Wet day centres in Britain