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Teaching in the tender years 342Kb PDF file

British review of primary school drug education concludes that long-term, intensive, interactive programmes involving parents and the wider community can have a worthwhile impact on later drug use.

Project MATCH: unseen colossus 727Kb PDF file

Aided by the US investigators and British experts, FINDINGS analyses what was intended to be the definitive test of whether different types of alcohol dependent patients benefit from different kinds of psychosocial therapies.

The danger of warnings 378Kb PDF file

In the early 1970s Dutch health educators put the dominant 'scare' approach to drug education to the test and found it led to more substance use. Their seminal study caused a rethink of national policy here and in the Netherlands.

How to show treatment works 321Kb PDF file

The leader of the drug treatment commissioning advisory body for England gives his views on the data services need to provide in order to convince the commissioners that their treatments really do work.

Are we right to spend more? 292Kb PDF file

Commissioners in London wanted to know if they were getting value for money from extending residential and day care stays for substance dependent clients. To find out they trialed the Christo Inventory, a new quick and simple monitoring tool.

First glossary of technical terms related to the evaluation of interventions 402Kb PDF file

Scientific and statistical definitions adapted to the context of drug and alcohol interventions.

Overdose causes and prevention

Investing in alcohol treatment

In treatment, manners matter

Hepatitis C and needle exchange

Wet day centres in Britain