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Pressure pays 592Kb PDF file

The UK increasingly relies on court-ordered treatment to reduce drug-related crime, but can this really do the trick? Distinguished British expert Philip Bean assesses the evidence.

NTORS: the most crucial test yet for addiction treatment in Britain 1044Kb PDF file

FINDINGS analysis of the influential national English drug treatment evaluation study questions the key estimate that every extra £1 spent on treatment saved over £3 in the costs of crime alone.

How brief can you get? 841Kb PDF file

Three pioneering British studies dating back to the late '70s showed that alcohol problems could be reduced without intensive (and expensive) treatments. The implications were and remain immense, the controversy fierce.

False dawn for drug-free schools in Taiwan 381Kb PDF file

In Taiwan, under-resourced schools, pressured to make unrealistic drug use reductions, found that fiddling the figures was the only way to avoid being seen to fail. Public and politicians thought things were fine until researchers uncovered the truth.

Second glossary of technical terms related to the evaluation of interventions 255Kb PDF file

Updated and additional scientific and statistical definitions adapted to the context of drug and alcohol interventions.

Overdose causes and prevention

Investing in alcohol treatment

In treatment, manners matter

Hepatitis C and needle exchange

Wet day centres in Britain