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Use this page to find documents within broad themes like treatment or on specific topics. 'Everything on this theme' retrieves all relevant documents – no need to check the other boxes. Use boxes labelled 'Other ...' on their own; otherwise check as many as you wish.

Hover mouse over symbols for more on that topic. Click blue words to go to an explanatory page. When you have finished your selection, optionally scroll to the bottom to FILTER search results by country, substance, people or other features, and choose which order to present the list of documents. Then press SEARCH to open a new window listing the retrieved documents.

This type of search depends on the keywords and codes we have allocated to each document. You can instead try a free text search for documents which contain the words you specify. If you need more help email the Findings editor by clicking on the logo Drug and Alcohol Findings logo

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NATIONAL OR REGIONAL POLICIES or outcomes across a population

REDUCING HARM to the user related to drug or alcohol use

Cross-cutting issues related to THERAPY/TREATMENT for drug or alcohol use problems

MEDICAL TREATMENT for drug or alcohol use problems

PSYCHOSOCIAL THERAPIES and mutual aid for drug or alcohol use problems

CRIME REDUCTION or coercive/criminal justice/regulatory interventions

OPTIONAL Use these terms to FILTER your search

Having selected your topics (above), if you wish you can narrow down to studies in or about a region, involving certain substances or people, and/or relevant to other issues, and choose the type of document to retrieve – start with reviews or hot topics for quick overviews. Leave each section clear to select all documents. Finally, choose the order in which to display the results of your search.




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